Long Term Care Planning
(Asset Protection)

Asset protection and long-term care planning are critical for anyone in Kentucky. Aging is difficult, especially as we become more aware of the inevitable end of life. People often try to ignore the physical or mental decline that may accompany older age, but these very things can come with a high cost of long-term care. Without proper planning, you and your family could face the loss of life savings, a home, or other assets you worked so hard throughout your life to share with your family. Tupper Butler Law helps you preserve your assets and prepare for the unexpected in the later years of life.  Without proper planning, you and your family could face the loss of life savings, a home, or other assets you worked so hard throughout your life to share with your family. Tupper Butler Law helps you preserve your assets and prepare for unexpected in the later years of life.

Understanding Long-term Care Planning in Louisville, Kentucky

Life expectancy in the United States continues to rise, and planning for long-term care is essential for enjoying your golden years. Long-term care planning involves planning for the future cost of care; that includes Kentucky care in nursing homes, in-home care, or community living.


These long-term care options are costly, and many aging Americans who don’t plan for long-term care costs end up spending their retirement, life savings, and valuable assets on the cost of eldercare. We can help you or a loved one plan for care costs while protecting your assets, enabling you to avoid spending down your assets to qualify for coverage support or paying out of pocket.


Check out our four-step process for long-term care planning.

The Importance of Medicaid Planning in Kentucky

Medicaid is a federal and state program used for covering long-term care costs, and the rules vary from state to state. If you reside in Kentucky and need Medicaid, then Kentucky’s Medicaid rules apply. You can benefit greatly from an expert Medicaid planning attorney who understands Kentucky’s specific Medicaid qualification, application, and process for approval. 


Medicaid planning can be a complicated and confusing process, especially for long-term care costs. Kentucky Medicaid can be a massive benefit towards protecting your assets, especially if you require nursing home care or in-home care. Our elder law attorney can assist with Medicaid eligibility while protecting your assets. Without Medicaid coverage, you will be personally responsible for paying the monthly cost of your elder care in Kentucky.


Homemaker Services $60,683Adult Day Health Care $23,032Semi-Private Room $94,871
Home Health Aide $60,683Assisted Living Facility $44,558Private Room $108,715

Resource: https://www.genworth.com/aging-and-you/finances/cost-of-care.html

How to Qualify for Medicaid in Kentucky

Kentucky Medicaid gives individuals and families access to health care resources that they may not have otherwise and often do not even know are available to them. If you or a loved one needs Medicaid benefits to help preserve your quality of life as you receive care, specific eligibility requirements need to be met in the state of Kentucky.


The Kentucky Medicaid application process is complex and requires a great deal of paperwork. Tupper Butler Law works with families all the time who worry that they exceed the maximum household income level to qualify for care. But there are many tools at your disposal to preserve your assets and receive benefits to cover your care costs.

The Value of Long-Term Care Planning with an Elder Law Attorney in Louisville, Kentucky 

It is a common misconception to believe you or a loved one own too much or your income is too high to qualify for Medicaid or other government benefits. Fortunately, Kentucky Medicaid eligibility and asset protection are possible with long-term care planning.


Working with an experienced Kentucky elder law attorney, like Michelle Butler, can help you create a legal plan to qualify for Kentucky Medicaid. More importantly, it’s critical to work with an elder law attorney who understands the emotional and stressful trials of navigating long-term care. At Tupper Butler Law, we have been where you are. That’s why we practice elder law in Kentucky. We work with you as your partner, committed to finding you the most effective and supportive legal solutions.


Without the aid of Medicaid, the cost of a nursing home can wipe out your family’s savings, retirement funds, and inheritance for your loved ones – which only adds to an already trying time.


Tupper Butler Law has helped many Louisville and other Kentucky clients understand Kentucky Medicaid and created unique plans to save our clients’ life savings. Our Kentucky law firm can help you or a loved one craft a legal plan that prevents or minimizes the need to spend down your assets before qualifying for Medicaid and other government benefits for long-term care needs in Kentucky.


Tupper Butler Law is here to help you and your loved ones understand estate planning, long-term care planning, asset protection, and crisis care planning. Our Louisville, Kentucky law firm welcomes you to contact us and learn how we can help meet your legal needs with the power of planning in the Louisville, KY, metro area, Jefferson County, and surrounding counties.

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