are you and your family prepared for the unexpected?

Establishing a Family Emergency Organizer in Kentucky Can Help Your Family be Prepared Before Illness or Other Serious Emergencies Happen.


Human beings are hardwired to evaluate risks that can interfere with our wellbeing. However, these evolved responses can sometimes cloud rational thought, especially in response to new and dramatic threats like the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it is vital to have a crisis plan.


Today, more than ever, planning for the unexpected can relieve stress for you and your family when faced with an emergency in Kentucky. An experienced Louisville, KY attorney can help you take steps to prepare for an unexpected crisis to help give you peace of mind for yourself and family members.


Our Family Emergency Organizer guide includes worksheets and essential legal documents addressing strategies to help you and your family stay prepared and get organized before a severe illness strikes.


Some questions that the Family Emergency Organizer includes:


• Who should be informed and how to contact them?
• Who are you and your family’s health care providers?
• Who are the critical family advisors (attorney, pastor, powers of attorney)?
• What are the financial accounts, and how can they be accessed?
• What bills need to be paid, and how are they to be paid?
• What is your family’s medical history and medications being  taken?
• What are legal documents essential for your estate plan?
• What is the location/access of legal documents?

Preparation is key to managing so many risks in life. Take the first step by downloading our Family Emergency Organizer.

Your Family Emergency Organizer