We created Tupper Butler Law specifically for people like you. Knowing the difficulty in scheduling appointments when a loved one is in the hospital or when life demands more of your time than hours in the day, Tupper Butler Law will come to you wherever you are, whenever you need us. We provide compassionate, approachable legal expertise to help individuals and families find the peace of mind that comes with knowing their wishes will be followed and their assets will be preserved for the future.


Every family has a unique set of circumstances, with different goals, different needs, and different resources. Tupper Butler Law works with you to find solutions and planning options that fit your family and your life. Tupper Butler Law can help you protect what matters most to you and the people you love.



No one wants to think about not being here with our loved ones, especially young children, which is why so many avoid or delay planning. Others think their spouse will care for things, while some think a plan is unnecessary without significant wealth. Tupper Butler Law helps you understand the importance of an estate plan and works with you to plan for your priorities, no matter what your family looks like, your financial status, or age.


Our estate plan packages offer:


  • Wills and/or trusts with additional protection for beneficiaries
  • Expanded financial powers of attorney
  • Healthcare proxies and living wills

Learn about our four-step process for estate planning.

Michelle Butler, attorney and owner of Tupper Butler Law


Aging is difficult, especially as we become more aware of the inevitable end of life. People often try to ignore the decline that may accompany older age, though their families may worry about the high cost of care. Some fear the loss of life savings, a home, or other assets you worked so hard to share with your family. Tupper Butler Law helps you preserve your assets and prepare for the later years of life.


Our asset protection packages offer:


  • Counseling of legal options to cover future care needs
  • Trusts to protect assets from long-term care costs
  • Expanded financial and durable power of attorney
  • Healthcare proxies and living will

Check out our four-step process for long-term care planning.

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We know the grief and panic that hit instantly with a medical crisis. We know the fear of financial ruin that comes with the prospect of paying for trauma recovery or long-term care. We help you navigate the added burdens that come with a life-altering diagnosis to find ideal care, preserve your life’s savings, and find the joy in life again – as a loved one and not just a caregiver.


Our crisis care services include:


  • Immediate assistance advocating for a patient in a health-care facility
  • Caregiving support and guidance
  • Counseling of legal options to cover care costs
  • Traditional estate plan documents

See the five steps involved in our crisis planning process. 


After losing a loved one, we know the last thing anyone wants to deal with is the Kentucky court system – especially one as complicated as the probate process. With over a decade of experience litigating large, complex cases in federal and state courts, Tupper Butler Law in Louisville knows how to navigate probate administration quickly and efficiently. We also help resolve disputes through probate litigation to bring closure to all involved. Family relationships won’t have to endure added stress following the death of a loved one.


Our probate services include:


  • Standard and small estate probate administration
  • Guidance for executors or self-filing
  • Probate litigation or contested matters

Learn what our six step probate administration process looks like.

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