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Living Alone Can Increase Your Risk for Dementia

There is a growing trend toward Americans aging in place when it comes to housing arrangements for the elderly. Nearly all older adults prefer to age in the comfort of their long-time homes and familiar community surroundings. Aging in place often means living alone. Pew Research findings show that older

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Did You Know Hearing Loss Can Lead to Depression?

The America Medical Association (JAMA) conducted a 10-year study and found a connection between hearing loss and health risks. The risks include a 50 percent greater risk of dementia, a 40 percent greater risk of developing depression, and nearly a 30 percent higher risk for unintended falls.   Reuters Health

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Dementia Can Affect Anyone

Jack Hanna, wildlife expert, author, guest TV personality, and TV producer known for starring in shows like Animal Adventures, Voices for Wildlife, and Into the Wild, is retiring from work and public life because he has dementia. Known as “Jungle” Jack, he left the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, where he

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