Tag: Estate Administration

A Guide to the Probate Process Without a Will

When your loved one dies without a will, known as intestate, what happens? According to your state’s intestacy laws, a probate court will oversee the distribution process of the decedent’s property. Also known as intestate succession, it has similarities to the probate process when a will is present. Still, the

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A Guide to Estate Settlement

You must consider certain criteria when you need to select an executor for your estate, or accept the responsibility yourself as a representative of an estate. These include the complexity of the task and the order in which it should be completed.   Beyond the emotional healing process when you

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Maximize Harmony Among Heirs by Structuring Your Estate Plan

There may be disagreements among your heirs, including minor and adult children, regarding family circumstances, especially regarding inherited estates. Relationships can change and intensify when you die, with underlying issues that bubble to the surface, creating tensions over your estate and possibly tearing your family apart. Even if your children

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