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In the Absence of Advance Directives, the System Will Take Control

During this Covid-19 epidemic, an especially wrenching question demands an answer: how far would you want extreme life-prolonging measures taken if you or someone you love were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness? For us who are particularly vulnerable – seniors, those with compromised immune systems, those already struggling with medical

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Care Provided at the End of Life

It is prudent to have open and honest discussions about your mortality with your family, even though it is a sobering experience. No one relishes the thought of their demise, and yet with forethought, you can ensure that your estate plan and your healthcare arrangements best reflect your wishes. It

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Life After Becoming Vaccinated from COVID-19

Due to the roll out of a widely successful vaccine program, more and more of us are either receiving or becoming eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the medical community, vaccinated individuals are significantly less likely to contract COVID-19; however, they may pose a health risk to others.

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