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Be Cautious When Planning for Medicaid and Inheritances

Medicaid and inheritances can both be subject to mistakes and these can be expensive. When a person is drawing Medicaid benefits and inherits money or property, that inheritance jeopardizes the benefits. The inheritance must be handled carefully to minimize expensive penalties. What “careful” means, though, can be misunderstood without the

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The Medicaid Program: Looking Back Without Penalties

Long-term care is something most of us will have to consider at some point in our lives, so planning is essential. While we cannot predict the timing or level of care, we can take steps to prepare for an unexpected medical and financial crisis to help reduce the stress on

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Should Our Children Pay for Elder Care?

Unfortunately, we all have come to know the astronomical expense of long-term nursing care. Costs can run around $7,000.00 or more per month, depending on location. Hundreds of thousands of people presently need that kind of care and the numbers are rising. Ten thousand “baby boomers” a day turn 65,

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