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Few people are eager to discuss what may happen to us as we age, or what may come of our children in the event of the unthinkable. We convince ourselves that we are resourceful, strong, able to work through whatever may come – or maybe we just do not have the time right NOW to fully focus on such an important topic.


Rarely, however, will the perfect time emerge for putting plans in place to protect the people you love the most in the event of crisis, aging, or death. By delaying a plan, we risk putting the very people we want to protect into the most traumatic scenario of needing to act on your behalf without knowing your wishes – and at the time where your family wants to be with you most.


We know the hardship of an unexpected healthcare crisis – and how that hardship intensifies when questions need answers and no direction is in place to guide the very people who want to make the best decisions on your behalf.


We also know the power a proper estate plan provides. POWER TO YOU, finally able to enjoy peace of mind that your wishes are known, your healthcare decisions are preserved, and your assets are safe from any long-term care costs. POWER TO THEM, your loved ones, who can be by your side in a crisis or as you age, carrying out your decisions instead of facing tough questions without direction, without risk of spending thousands on your care.

Tupper Butler Law knows the power of planning.

We want to give that power to you.

Michelle Butler, attorney and owner of Tupper Butler Law, and her late father Dr. E. Frank Tupper
After experiencing the turmoil of a family medical crisis without a plan in place, Louisville attorney Michelle Tupper Butler transitioned from a long career as a litigator to bring the power of planning to other families by establishing Tupper Butler Law PLLC. Michelle designed Tupper Butler Law specifically to assist others facing similar situations and help families of all shapes and sizes plan for their unique needs.
Tupper Butler Law knows the difficulty of scheduling appointments when life demands more of your time than hours exist in a day. We work with you outside of traditional business hours to ensure those wanting to prepare a plan can do so. 

How We Can Help

Few people are prepared for a sudden healthcare crisis or know options for long-term care that will not require spending their life’s savings. And few people know how to protect their own end-of-life wishes for personal medical treatment and handling of personal property. 

Don’t leave your life to chance. Preserve, don’t procrastinate.

  • Wills and/or trusts with additional protection for beneficiaries 
  • Expanded financial powers of attorney
  • Healthcare proxies and living wills
  • Counseling of legal options to cover future care needs
  • Trusts to protect assets from long-term care costs
  • Expanded financial power of attorney
  • Healthcare proxies and living will
  • Immediate assistance advocating for a patient in a health-care facility
  • Caregiving support and guidance
  • Counseling of legal options to cover care costs
  • Traditional estate plan documents


Years of experience as lawyer, advocate, and caregiver.

When Michelle’s active and healthy father was left a quadriplegic after a fall in his home, she assumed responsibility for his care while balancing the demands of her legal career and family needs with two young children. Without any guidance or a plan in place, Michelle persisted through complicated legal, financial, and medical issues while trying to also just be with her family during the toughest days they could not have imagined. She established Tupper Butler Law to assist other families with personalized estate planning and elder law concerns. 


Devastatingly, after three years of thriving as much as one can after such a traumatic spinal cord injury, Michelle’s father passed away in late February 2020. In stark contrast to the traumatic days following her father’s injury, Michelle found peace with her father in his final days, confidently executing her father’s wishes with her family because he put a plan in place before he died. 


Tupper Butler Law knows the power of planning.

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