How to Avoid Common estate planning traps

Estate Planning Can be Overwhelming. Working with an Experienced Louisville Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You Avoid Many Estate Planning Mistakes


A good Kentucky estate plan is a tremendous gift to your loved ones and yourself. It will ensure your assets pass to the people you want to benefit and to the causes and organizations that matter to you.


Common fallacies and pitfalls can occur during estate planning when protecting your hard-earned legacy. It’s crucial to understand estate planning traps and how to avoid them to help clarify the role of your estate planning.


In our FREE 34 Common Estate Planning Traps Guide, our Kentucky estate planning attorney will discuss how common traps can be avoided with a well-drafted estate plan.


Some of the topics we discuss in the guide include:


  • Estate plan neglect, avoidance, and procrastination
  • Issues with a do-it-yourself estate plan
  • Missteps with beneficiary designations
  • Poor planning for young or special needs beneficiaries
  • Understanding incapacity situations
  • Understanding estate taxes and your estate plan
  • The importance of keeping your estate plan updated
  • Common oversites and omissions in estate planning
  • Understanding the people to choose to meet your estate plan goals

An experienced estate planning lawyer in Louisville, KY can help you and your loved ones minimize probate costs, reduce taxes, and insulate inheritances from creditors. Your estate plan can provide a succession plan for a family business. It can protect you if you are incapacitated, ease the emotional burdens on your family and give you great peace of mind.

Estate Planning Traps