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Placement of a Parent in Long-Term Care Poses Several Challenges

The term long-term care (LTC) encompasses a multitude of aspects. Long-term care is comprised of a variety of services that meet medical and non-medical requirements for people who cannot care for themselves for long periods. It is a highly individualized care system that can be formally or informally provided. Formal

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What Seniors Should Know About Estate Planning

Estate planning is a major concern for the older generation, as you might expect, however, a survey found that 19 percent of people over 72 and 42 percent of those between 53 and 71 do not have an estate plan in place. Although managing these details can seem daunting, and

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Taking Care of Aging Parents: A Guide

You cannot escape aging, and every family system is affected by it. Even if you are in the fortunate circumstance where your aging parents can go it alone for a long time there will come a day when assistance or long-term care will be needed. There are things to consider

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