Probate Administration and Litigation

After losing a loved one, we know the last thing anyone wants to deal with is the court system – especially one as complicated as the probate process. With over a decade of experience litigating large, complex cases in federal and state courts, Tupper Butler Law knows how to navigate probate administration quickly and efficiently. We also help resolve disputes through probate litigation to bring closure to all involved. Family relationships won’t have to endure added stress following the death of a loved one. Our probate services include:
  • Standard and small-estate probate administration
  • Guidance for executors or self-filing
  • Probate litigation or contested matters

Our Process

  1. CONTACTCongratulations! You embraced the most difficult step in the planning process – reaching out to begin. From here, Tupper Butler Law navigates the process for you, with questions and worksheets to help you personalize your plan as easily as possible.
  2. INITIAL INTERVIEW No commitment! Bring nothing.During the free Initial Interview, our goal is to spend 15 to 30 minutes getting to know you and your planning priorities. We also will describe our process in greater detail and answer any of your questions. At the conclusion of the Initial Interview, if going forward we will schedule the Comprehensive Consultation (usually within the next two weeks) and equip you with helpful tools to begin the planning process.
  3. COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTATIONThe Comprehensive Consultation is a personalized meeting where we give an in-depth analysis of your planning options that meet your goals. With the information you provide us before the meeting, we are able to offer expert guidance for preparing a plan that fits your family priorities and budget. For individuals with long-term care needs, we will review options for preserving your legacy and ways to maximize benefits so you receive the best care and quality of life. We also review the steps you need to take to ensure your plan is successful. Then we schedule the Design Meeting to bring your plan to fruition. For the legal analysis we provide during the Comprehensive Consultation, we require a prepaid fee of $275, which then credits the fee for any planning package you select.
  4. DESIGN MEETINGNow the true magic happens! During the Design Meeting, we walk you through a comprehensive, customized interview to confirm your choices related to your property, finances, health decisions, and more. But do not worry: nothing we discuss in the Design Meeting will come as a surprise. We will prepare you for the meeting with written questions for consideration to help you make decisions. The Design Meeting usually lasts about one hour, but we never conclude the meeting until you are fully confident in your choices and understand the scope of your plan. Then we set a time to review the draft documents. If you selected a trust-based plan, we also will review the funding process for your trust at the Design Meeting and provide guidance to ensure your plan achieves its goals.
  5. DRAFT REVIEW While many estate planning and elder law attorneys move from designing your plan with you directly to a signing meeting, Tupper Butler Law offers to meet prior to the signing meeting for a Draft Review. This allows ample time for us to review the documents with you, ensure we reflect your wishes, and answer any questions you may have without the added pressure of signing immediately. For trust-based plans, we again will work with you to ensure your plan is properly funded to achieve your goals. We can provide a Draft Review remotely or in person. Our goal is to maximize your confidence in your plan as a true reflection of your priorities, health-care decisions, and preservation of assets to give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve.Following the Draft Review, we schedule a time to sign and celebrate!
  6. SIGNING MEETINGCelebration time! With the substantive review behind us, the Signing Meeting becomes a less exhausting confirmation and finalization of your estate plan with your signature. After a toast, we then send you home with your documents and a scheduled appointment for any additional Funding Follow-Ups and a free Annual Check-In after one year.

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