Estate Administration and Litigation with a Probate Attorney in Kentucky

After losing a loved one, we know the last thing anyone wants to deal with is estate administration in Kentucky court systems – especially one as complicated as the probate process. With over a decade of experience litigating large, complex cases in federal and state courts, Tupper Butler Law knows how to navigate probate administration quickly and efficiently. We also help resolve disputes through probate litigation to bring closure to all involved. Family relationships won’t have to endure added stress following the death of a loved one. 


Our probate estate administration in Kentucky includes:


  • Standard and small-estate probate administration
  • Guidance for executors or self-filing
  • Probate litigation or contested matters

Learn what our six-step probate administration process includes.


Contact our probate attorney in Kentucky if you are a personal representative, beneficiary, or heir to an estate and have questions regarding your role or right to an inheritance.

If you are creating an estate plan and wish to avoid probate in the future, we can help. Some reasons people choose to avoid probate include:


A Need for Privacy

Probate cases are filed in court and are in the public record.


Family Disagreements

Wills and estates go to probate court to allow interested persons the opportunity to represent their claim on the estate by challenging or contesting a will.

Saving Money

Probating an estate requires the help of a competent probate lawyer to schedule court appearances and complete extensive paperwork. The legal fees can mount up quickly.


How Can Families Prevent the Need for Probate?

Creating a smart estate plan is the best way to avoid probate. Rose Elder Law and our experienced team of attorneys can work with you and your loved ones to draft the proper legal documents and carefully time asset transfers in Oregon.


Revocable Living Trust

The revocable living trust dictates the management or distribution of property. There is nothing to file, and it does not need to be submitted to the probate court.


Joint Title

Placing your assets into joint ownership with your future beneficiaries transfers the ownership interest automatically to the joint owner.


Payable-On-Death and Transfer-On-Death

Payment on death accounts (POD) have a designation that names a person to receive assets in the account when the original account owner dies. Transfer on death (TOD) is a designation on the title or deed to a real estate piece or a car that will automatically change ownership once the owner dies.


Tupper Butler Law is here to help you and your loved ones understand estate planning, long-term care planning, asset protection, and crisis care planning. Our Louisville, Kentucky law firm welcomes you to contact us and learn how we can help meet your legal needs with the power of planning in the Louisville, KY, metro area, Jefferson County, and surrounding counties.


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