Crisis Care Planning

Crisis care planning is still a viable option for covering long-term care costs after an emergency has occurred. We personally understand the grief and panic that hit instantly with a sudden medical crisis. We know the fear of financial ruin that comes with the prospect of paying for trauma recovery or long-term care in Louisville, Kentucky. We help you navigate the added burdens that come with a life-altering diagnosis to find ideal care, preserve your life’s savings, and find the joy in life again.

What is the Difference Between Medicaid Planning and Crisis Care Planning in Kentucky?

Kentucky crisis care planning is defined as planning for Medicaid eligibility for a person experiencing immediate or near immediate health care needs. If you or a loved one find yourselves in immediate need of Medicaid coverage in Kentucky, we can help identify critical issues within your estate that will disqualify you from coverage and swiftly develop a Medicaid plan for your health care needs.

Crisis Care Planning in Louisville, Kentucky

Crisis care planning in Kentucky is a strategy that can help you qualify for Medicaid without experiencing financial ruin. As a joint federal and state social safety net, Medicaid differs by eligibility rules and regulations in every state.


Unfortunately, we work with so many senior citizens in Kentucky that wait until a catastrophic event brings about sudden illness, disability, or other medical crises before planning for long-term care. Under duress, these families often take advice from uninformed nursing homes or misinformed individuals, such as non-attorneys or attorneys who do not practice elder law in Kentucky. Perhaps unwittingly, these people tend to give the worst advice: spend down everything you have until you qualify under the Medicaid eligibility rules.  


You do not need to spend down your life savings to qualify for Medicaid.


Though this approach can work, an experienced Kentucky crisis planning lawyer can employ far better strategies for you or a loved one – such as how to utilize trusts, gifting, and other estate planning tools to protect your assets and keep your loved ones safe. Tupper Butler Law can help you and your loved ones devise a crisis plan to meet your needs in Jefferson County and surrounding Kentucky areas.


See the five steps involved in our crisis planning process.

Advanced Medicaid Planning in Louisville, Kentucky

If nursing home care is not immediate and you’re planning for the possibility of future care in Kentucky, then you are embarking on what is known as non-crisis planning, advanced Medicaid planning, or asset protection planning. Overall, this type of planning is the most efficient and least stressful way to cover the high cost of long-term care. No matter which stage of planning you are in, Michelle Butler of Tupper Butler Law can help.

The Importance of Working with a Kentucky Crisis Care Planning Attorney

Tupper Butler Law can devise a personal Kentucky crisis care plan that is supportive, logical, and financially prudent. Kentucky crisis care planning employs legally approved strategies to help you qualify for Kentucky Medicaid before spending everything you own on the high cost of nursing home care.


Our elder law attorney in Kentucky can come to you wherever you are, making home, hospital, or nursing home visits when necessary. Many of our legal services are also available over a video conference or telephone for our clients’ convenience. At Tupper Butler Law, we understand firsthand how this can be a complicated and emotionally fraught process to navigate alone. We are here to help our clients resolve any legal issues that may arise when dealing with crisis care and patient advocacy in Kentucky.


Tupper Butler Law is here to help you and your loved ones understand estate planning, long-term care planning, asset protection, and crisis care planning. Our Louisville, Kentucky law firm welcomes you to contact us and learn how we can help meet your legal needs with the power of planning in the Louisville, KY, metro area, Jefferson County, and surrounding counties.

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